Some call him a 'pixel pusher', others say he's the 'Ed Norton of design', everyone else just says he fucks about for a living.

Paul is a bearded & (usually) bespectacled designer who, when not quaffing copious amounts of tea, is to be found designing interfaces for Burberry as a digital designer. He also uses his spare time to build a collection of fonts to sell through Kraken Foundry and act like a total hipster living in East London.

To get in touch with Paul just write a nice little email to hello@paulhuxen.co.uk, phone or text 07905 897 024 or throw him a message on Skype at phuxen.

Burberry World

Digital design and user experience

An entire social network which allows each Burberry employee to communicate with one another across the globe. The site needed to work across multiple devices ranging from mobile to desktop. Paul's role within this rather large project was full artistic lead along with input into the user experience and interaction.

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Store pages

These Burberry store pages give customers crucial information about selected Burberry stores worldwide and the services that they provide. Custom maps were created to show the location of the store, along with an image grid showing images of the store, items that can be found within and events related to the space.

Shit that people say

A collection of utterings

Shit that people say

A collection of utterings

A small personal project that collects weird, wonderful and frankly absurd quotes overheard or spotted in London.

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Kraken Foundry

Custom typography

Kraken Foundry is a font foundry conceived back in 2008 when Paul made his very first typeface whilst at university. Now he spends his spare time doodling away planning out the next new fun thing.

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Let The Kids Dance

Fashion design and illustration

Working in collaboration with a new clothing company, designs were created for a new collection of t-shirts and hooded tops which were released in July 2009. Areas of focus involved developing typography, illustrations and hand drawn elements.

Smash Arts

Art collective identity & Advertising

A small identity and poster collection for an emerging young collection of artists.

“Paul has a pretty good beard, Paul wears some pretty stylish clothes, Paul's a bit of a creative genius online. Working with this man was a constant source of inspiration for me over the years. If your employment path crosses Paul's, don't pass up the opportunity to work with him.” Craig Collie
Head of design, Mr Site
Craig Collie


February 2012 – Present

Working as part of the Digital Platforms Team I'm tasked with creating visually stimulating and engaging web interfaces. Notable contributions to the company include full artistic lead on a new checkout process, the design of widgets for the internal social network and preliminary work on mobile platforms.

Mr Site

May 2009 – February 2012

Over the years my role in the company developed and evolved and I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of projects. These have included: A redesign of the company and product identities, website development & maintenance, product interfaces and creation of print advertising such as tube adverts, flyers and trade show stands.